Coming in for regular dental cleanings and exams is a simple and effective way to keep your smile healthy for the long-term. Regular exams give us the chance to check for any issues that could affect your oral health. Call Southwest Dental Center today at 708-425-4545 to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Ashok Jhanji, and learn more about dental cleanings and exams in Hometown, Illinois.

One of the best things you can do for your smile is regularly visit our office for your six-month dental cleaning and exam. Depending on your needs, we may recommend more frequent dental visits. Each check-up you schedule with our team will feature a thorough dental exam and professional teeth cleaning to help keep your smile on track for long-term health and function. A professional dental cleaning will include:

  • Deep teeth cleaning and removal of the plaque and tartar that lead to gum disease and tooth decay
  • Flossing the entire smile
  • Examining your teeth and supporting structures for any sign of disease or potential oral health issues

As part of your dental exam, our dentist may use dental X-rays to get a thorough look at the parts of your smile that are not visible to the naked eye. This helps us catch any developing issues before they become more severe dental conditions, saving you time, money and potential future pain. The combination of regular exams and dental cleanings are vital to keeping your smile beautiful, functional and healthy throughout your life.

To schedule your next dental check-up and exam, call our office today! We look forward to caring for your smile!