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As the years have passed, you have no doubt noticed changes in your oral health. Maybe your bite feels different or your gums have receded. One of the significant concerns you should be aware of is what your teeth DON’T feel. As you get older, the nerves in your teeth grow smaller and desensitize, decreasing the teeth’s ability to register tooth decay without the help of a dentist.

When you visit the dental office for a routine exam, our team can screen your smile for signs of tooth decay that your teeth have not noticed yet. You may not feel any pain, tooth sensitivity, or swelling, but a high-quality dental X-ray can reveal an area of developing decay that you never knew about.

Because teeth become more vulnerable with age, it’s more important than ever to visit the dentist regularly for dental exams. Our advanced dental technology can detect even trace amounts of decay so that we can eliminate the problem before it causes significant damage to your smile. With the combined expertise of Dr. Ashok Jhanji and our team, we will create a customized treatment plan to restore your smile to excellent health and wellness.

At Southwest Dental Center, we recommend that you visit the dentist at least once every six months, though we may suggest more frequent visits if your smile is in a state of fragile health. If you are due for your next dental exam, please do not hesitate to call Southwest Dental Center at 708-425-4545 and arrange your visit with our dentist in Hometown, Illinois. We want to help you enjoy a strong, healthy smile for life.