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Do you frequently grind or clench your teeth? Do you have sensitive teeth that hurt when exposed to hot or cold temperatures? These are some of the signs and symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome.

Cracked tooth syndrome is the term for minuscule, near undetectable cracks in your teeth. They can be under the gum line and are not always visible on x-ray.

Molars are the most vulnerable to cracked tooth syndrome due to the fact that they are the teeth that experience the most force and pressure from chewing and breaking down food.

Due to the microscopic nature of cracked tooth syndrome, it is understandable that diagnosis is difficult. Symptoms of the problem may go unnoticed and not appear for months, and discomfort from pain is usually irregular and varies in degree.

Related to tooth sensitivity, the identifying similarity is that there is no persistent ache that you would feel with a full-blown cavity. If untreated, you may eventually develop an infection but the existence of a tiny crack does not mean it will occur immediately.

Treatment can range widely, from capping to the removal of the cracked tooth. 20% of these cases need a root canal.

If you suspect that you might have this syndrome, especially if you feel pain when you bite or chew, Dr. Ashok Jhanji would be happy to see you for an evaluation. Call us with any questions at: 708-425-4545, or come in anytime at Southwest Dental Center in Hometown, Illinois.