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Choosing foods that can improve your oral health can keep your teeth healthy is important. In fact, many foods can promote positive oral health while some foods, like sugar, can hinder it. Luckily, there are multiple good foods to choose from that are both delicious and able to help improve your oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Ashok Jhanji, is happy to assist you with your smile. To help you understand the best foods to eat, he and our team at Southwest Dental Center are happy to share information about tasty foods that can also help keep your teeth healthy:

– Nuts: Nuts are high in protein and calcium.
– Chewing gum: Chewing gum has been shown to be beneficial for your smile because it produces saliva, which can wash away bacteria and food particles.
– Meats: Various meats are proven to be beneficial for your oral health care.
– Yogurt: The calcium in yogurt is healthy for your tooth enamel.
– Apples: Crunchy foods, such as apples, are known saliva producers.
– Carrots: Carrots are known saliva producers because of their crunchy and watery texture.
– Leafy greens: Leafy greens are chock-full of enamel-building minerals, such as calcium.
– Cheese: Cheese is loaded with calcium, which helps strengthen tooth enamel.

As you can see, these tasty foods are good for your teeth. If you have questions about your oral health, or if you would like to schedule a dental checkup with our dentist in Hometown, Illinois, please call us today at 708-425-4545 to make an appointment. Our dental team is always happy to assist you.