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Due to the importance of keeping your smile safe at all times, it is important to eliminate the risk of contamination that can occur from time to time. This can include issues with your cleaning habits, your lifestyle choices, and even your dietary selections. If any aspect of your life begins to fail, you could potentially cause dental damage to arise. To limit the effects of contamination that can occur, always be aware of risks in your day-to-day life and treat or eliminate them as needed.

One common contamination risk that can occur is by your cleaning utensils. Although brushing is extremely important for keeping your smile safe, it is also important to make sure your brush remains clean. If you store your brush improperly, or if you do not place it in an area where it can be easily accessible and free of contamination, you can potentially do more harm to your mouth. In addition, dental floss will need to be replaced after every use, as you should never use the same strand more than once. Similarly, you should never use the same section of a dental floss strand either as it can move debris between one area of your mouth to another.

Contamination can often occur due to foods you eat. To help prevent contamination from harmful acids, avoid unhealthy sweets and treats such as sugar and starches. These products can be converted into acids in your mouth that eat through tooth enamel. In addition, never use anyone else’s eating utensils as it can easily move bacteria from their mouth into yours. This includes spoons, forks, knives or any other similar cutlery. It’s also suggested never to eat from someone else’s plate or drink from someone else’s cup.

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