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A severe fracture, an oral trauma or an untreated cavity could compromise a tooth to the point that our dentist, Dr. Ashok Jhanji may suggest that your tooth be extracted. Although a root canal can save many damage teeth, in extreme cases, an extraction may be necessary to reduce the pain and prevent an infection in the underlying gums.

Aftercare treatment might also include prescription pain medication and a possible course of antibiotics. When the affected gums are ready, the dentist might suggest that he replace the extracted tooth by installing a dental bridge. This type of dental restoration is designed to fill the space with a single piece of dental work comprised of an artificial tooth, bonded firmly on each end to a dental crown. These crowns are placed over the dentin of two healthy teeth. To do this, the dentist will remove the enamel from the teeth and create and impression from which the crowns will be made. When the crowns and bridge are ready, the bridge will be attached to the crowns. Those crowns will be cemented over the teeth. When the process is finished, your new bridge will allow you to enjoy the full function of the missing tooth.

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